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what a nightmare my experience has been with this law firm! I signed on w/them over a yr ago for a loan modification & was supposed to be handled by a separate part of their firm. No communication on their part I always had to ask questions. Then they separated and G&G supposedly took over my loan mod situation.

For months now again no communication until last Friday I was thrown under the bus when the lawyer informed me that the mortgage company didn't want to work with me because I was unemployed and couldn't work with that. I was devastated because of all of the time that has passed since signing on with Garces & Grabler. I've immediately sought another professional real estate law firm who has taken over my case. They are like night and day from Garces & Grabler, very professional, very informative verbally and most of all there have been no complaints about them. They are registered with the BBB and have a good reputation.

They were in communication with my mortgage company the first day I authorized them to represent me. It seems like my sleepness nights are coming to an end. I would NOT advise anyone to do business with Garces & Grabler. Oh, Garces & Grabler handled another case for me a year ago. That case took OVER A YEAR before it was resolved when I found out it shouldn't have taken half of that time. I should have learned then but hopefully by writing this I can save someone from the sleeplessness, loss of appetite, worrying and stress that I have been put through dealing with this rip off law firm!

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Palisades Park, New Jersey, United States #854946

This Firm have a lot of unprofessionalism and I would wish to never meet them....

to Mita #855067

They are money hungry and I think take advantage of people to don't know any better. Look at all of the locations they have their offices, places where it would be easy to get business for themselves.

Hopefully you got smart and didn't loose any money dealing with them. RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!!


I am seeing many people have issues with this firm,almost a year and im giving info that was given to them when we first sat down.i have contacted my attourney from past and expect him to file against this company (firm)for many ethics violations.GOOD RIDDINS


I am an attorney working for Garces & Grabler. I read your post and brought it to the attention of our managing partner, William Garces.

We would like to help remedy the negative experience that you apparently had with our law firm. Unfortunately, the information in your post was not enough for us to identify you and contact you personally.

Please contact me at and provide me with your full name. We will then perform a comprehensive review of what happened in your case, and we will refund any amounts that you paid to our office, if something wrong occurred that caused us not to meet your expectations.

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